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for the she bosses who want to enjoy their life while building it.  



You signed up to embark on this entrepreneurial journey for more freedom, not less.  In short, it’s time for your DRIVE and your DOWNTIME to play nice.


Hi, I'm Melissa.

I know all about hustle. I’ve worked three jobs at a time and over scheduled myself both socially and professionally.  As a result, I battled a major case of the meh’s coupled with intense anxiety. I swung the pendulum too far in the direction of drive only to burn right out.  It wasn’t until I started to really honor nourishment over punishment that I started to experience the freedom and peace I was so desperately craving.

The truth is… It’s easy to dream of being the entrepreneur who works on the beach, but the reality usually looks like you’re either struggling to pay for that beach vacay or you’re struggling to make time for it.

I’m here to help make your version of beach life feel like real life through creating harmony in the way you do the day-to-day, so you can serve long term and your clients get the best of you, not the frazzled bits you have left to give.  


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Together we figure out what tiny tweaks we can make to counterbalance the hustle. 

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